We have various active studies, some of which we are recruiting for in Miami.

If you are HIV positive and have a detectable viral load, please learn more about Project APPROACH.

If you are a patient at the UM/Jackson HIV clinic, please learn more about Project CHARM.

If you are a man who has sex with men, 18 years or older, use stimulants (meth, cocaine, and/or crack), and are HIV negative, please learn more about Project IMPACT.

If you identify as a Latino gay, bisexual, or other man who has sex with men or you are a stakeholder involved in HIV-prevention and behavioral health services for Latino MSM and want to help develop an outreach program, consider participating in the Dime Más Study.

If you identify as a man who has sex with men, assigned male at birth, 18 years or older, are HIV negative, and taking PrEP or about to start taking PrEP (Truvada/Descovy), participate in the LifeSteps for PrEP Study. (Este estudio está disponible en español también.)

If you are a transwoman or transfeminine individual 18 years or older, please learn more about the HEART study / Si usted es una mujer transgénero o persona transfeminina de 18 años o más, por favor aprenda más sobre el estudio HEART.

If none of these studies are of interest to you, or you don't fit the criteria for any of the above, please participate in our CHARM Community Survey by clicking this link. This way whenever we have a study that fits your answers, we'll be able to connect with you and tell you all about it!