About HPAC | HPAC | University of Miami

Welcome to the Health Promotion And Care (HPAC) Research Lab at the University of Miami

HPAC is a clinical research lab dedicated to the development and study of interventions related to behavioral aspects of physical health. This lab is run under the direction of Dr. Steven Safren. We currently have various ongoing research studies, some involving collaborations with other institutions.

One current area of focus in the HPAC lab is HIV prevention and treatment. The HIV epidemic in Miami is substantially problematic compared to other areas in the U.S., as Miami has the highest incidence of HIV of any U.S. city. Problems surrounding the HIV prevention and care continuum in Miami occur in the context of significant social and structural disparities, such as differences related to culture and ethnicity, economic disparities, and immigration status. You can read about our various projects and see if you preliminarily qualify to participate in any.